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released October 8, 2014

All songs written and performed by Slumlord
Recorded and Mixed by Sty McKillop at Rain City Recorders
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audio Seige
Artwork by Scott A Shellhamer



all rights reserved


SLUMLORD Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: LOVE ALL
Love All Serve None. its hard to open up cause ive been closed for so god damn long. theres an iron door in the center of my chest and i cant let you in, and im behind that cold door waiting for you to try me one more time. wind blows, wind blows, wind blows in every direction. no sun no voice from the sky, your vision has left my eye. you may think youre in this alone, but here i am alone with you. you may think youre hurting alone but here i am hurting with you. its hard to open up cause ive been closed for so god damn long. theres an iron door in the center of my chest and i cant let you in. and im behind that cold door waiting for you to try me one more time. try me one more time
Track Name: SERVE NONE
dirt pours out your mouth it covers everything. we used to hang on weekends but now youve got new friends, now their all gone. i can see that the clocks inside your head have stopped. your toungue goes silent. mother fucking fakes. so easily the knees bend youre a fucking fake. so easily the knees bend. and you all just wanna look cool. but i cant see you. i dont need water to drown and i dont need your foot on my chest to feel it caving in on me. self preservations a bitch and your clocks run out, your out. so get the fuck out of my face. taking pages from the book but thats not all you fucking took. i used to put my trust in you now im the fool. honor trust friendship all gone
Track Name: FORGET NOT
if i die before i wake, my souls still mine to fucking take. thy demons watch me through the night. teach me of love black out the light. and if i die before i wake my souls still mine. my souls still mine. hatred and insecurites whispering sweet nothings that fall upon more than eager open ears. calloused mind release all possibility. embrace the moment fleeting, slipping, falling out of view. teach me. keep me, away. when i first met you, you were heaven sent, but even with your perfect halo im still dry and full of hate. forget the truth it doesnt need you. unrealistic view we cary seed to tomb. i will serve none.
been having trouble sleeping at night and looking up from the ground. im the candle that burns from both ends. im the snake that eats its own tail. our eyes will never meet. promises we choose not to keep. im a stone being carved by water. im a man who left the father. what a sweet dream it would be to never see a human face. id give anything to have a sense of peace inside. id give anything not to see you when i close my eyes. feeling empty cause my glass is half full. still thirsty waters pouring down my throat. my fucking smile should have been a clue. held it together till i burst for you
blaming you for everything. i remember a name. the thought flowers and fades. clocks cloud my mind tell me im fine and walk towards north of no south. directionless i find myself contagiously bringing you down, you dont make a sound. cant you see that i am trying. my own audacity, ignorant, self serving. give me a couple seconds to conjure up the essence of your apparent absence. you stabbed me in the heart pretty baby. dead hands grabbed the blade and then you stabbed me right back. madness thrives deep in the moments when you sleep. my eyes bloody still back, weep, keeping afloat, on these sour seas for years